The RoboJackets participate in a number of activities to benefit the community and spread awareness of robotics. We have a team that manages our efforts in this area over a wide variety of projects.

TE Sessions

Technology Enrichment sessions are offered in the fall as a way to help new FIRST teams and refresh old FIRST teams on concepts such as organizational skills, engineering methodology, programming, and conceptual design. The TE sessions are open to anyone interested and we encourage our new members to attend.

Community Involvement

Throughout the year, we are active in community robotics events ranging from volunteering at the Georgia Robotics Invitational Tournament and Showcase to judging at local VEX tournaments. We also do appearances where we bring our robots and talk about who we are, what we do, and how people can get involved with robotics in their community.

FIRST Mentorship

Each year, we select a local team to mentor through the off-season, build season, and competitions. We provide shop space and equipment, engineering support, and funding. We also work to guide the team’s growth and development – it’s more than just robots.

FIRST Kickoff

Each year we host the local regional kickoff that brings teams from across the South to Georgia Tech’s campus. Teams watch the broadcast from FIRST, pick up their kit of parts, and attend workshops to help them get started quickly.

Robot in 1 Weekend

Each year we spend one weekend in the fall to build a robot for the FIRST Tech Challenge. This weekend aligns with the announcement of the year’s game. The aim of this is not to compete, but to inspire students in the competition at the start of their build season.


Meeting times and locations vary by project and are announced on the mailing list.

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Team Leaders

Kyla Qi – Project Manager

Jevawn Roberts – Alumni Advisor