Since our goals are multi-faceted and highly multidisciplinary, we are always looking for new members from every major. Feel free to drop in and find out more about what’s going on, but be sure to email the leader of the team your interested in before hand for the best date and time.

Info For New Members

Dues & Basics
To find out more about the teams and sign up, you should first attend a general meeting (announced on the main page). Also, it would help to do some research into what you want to do with the RoboJackets by browsing this site and/or contacting the leader of the team in which you are interested. You should also join the e-mail list at gatech Lists. This way you will be in the loop for whatever the RoboJackets are doing. Please bring dues ($100 for a year or $55 for a semester) to one of the first few project meetings after you have signed up.

As a member of the RoboJackets you are required to conduct yourself in a manner that will reflect well on the team. This applies mostly to conduct in the shop (where we work) and at competitions; you never know who is paying attention to what you are doing.

Also, if you are involved in a project, your attendance is very important for the project meetings, and tasks that you take on. You are a student first, however, so don’t be afraid to say that you can’t take on a task, but don’t be afraid to challenge yourself either.

E-Mail List
The email list is hosted on gatech lists it can be found at you can go to it and subscribe to our email list to receive updates and notifications of other club related activities.

In addition to joining our mailing list you should join our wiki which is located at Here you can see much more technical information about what your team and other teams are doing as well as info about other members. Once you join please send the current IT Coordinator(listed at an email with your user info and who you are for full access.

Calendar Feed
You may subscribe to our general calendar feed located at with your favorite calendar software (Sunbird, Google Calendar, etc). Each team also has their own feed posted on their page.

Tool Training
As a member of this organization you will need to know how to use tools ranging from a 2-axis CNC mill to a hand-held screw driver. Before you can build using these tools you must get checked off by someone for competency. For more information about this speak with your team leader(s) as what you are expected to know varies from each subdivision with in a team.

TE Sessions
Each fall we offer Technology Enrichment Sessions these are geared toward training new teams and refreshing old teams for the FIRST Robotics Competition. These workshops are split into two parts with the first primarily directed at challenges faced in the FTC competition and the second half dealing more with challenges faced in FRC.


Email one of our officers for more information on joining us, or just come to any of our meetings (check the events list on the left side of the page for upcoming events). We’d love to have you.