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Our flagship middleweight (120 lb) robot Mandiii has been competing at RoboGames since 2013. Equipped with a with a heat treated S7 tool steel drum spinning at >7000 RPM and multiple bot iterations and improvements, Mandiii took home second place at RoboGames 2018. Built from thick aluminum plates and wrapped on all sides by plastic armor, Mandiii can take a beating, and still dish out powerful hits.


The newest addition to our line up is Cassowari, a 60lb undercutter horizontal disk spinner. Brandishing a >20lb disk assembly, Cassowari can deliver terrifyingly powerful hits. Although Cassowari’s showing was a little less than stellar at RoboGames 2018, problems were noted, and future iterations will make Cassowari into the beast it’s meant to be.


An older bot, Cathiv (the fourth iteration of Cathi) is a 30lb ring spinner. While this bot has continually faced issues with its ring assembly, its latest iteration proved to be effective with a fair 2-2 showing at Motorama 2018. While Cathiv has built its name at competitions, through our next build season, Cathiv will take a spot on the shelf while other bots in our line up are improved.


RoboJackets BattleBots not only competes in the classic combat robotics competition, but also in autonomous sumo competitions. As such, Gucci, the successor to Pushiv, has entered the line up. While currently under development, Gucci will no doubt prove to be a threat at future sumo competitions.