Technology Enrichment Sessions are offered in the fall as way to help new FIRST teams and refresh old FIRST teams on concepts including organizational skills, engineering methodology, programming, and conceptual design. The TE sessions are open to anyone interested and we encourage our new members to attend.

When and Where
This year’s TE Sessions will be held on Saturdays from 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM in our shop at 575 14th St NW. Please park in the lot furthest from the intersection of 14th Street and Hemphill. Please use the front door close to the intersection to enter the building and speak to the security guard at the front desk.

We will also be livestreaming each TE Session to our youtube channel

The current schedule for this year’s TE sessions is as follows:
September 23rd: G3 Robotics on Designing Mechanical Systems
September 30th: Rex Machina on Safety
October 7th: OTTO on Strategic Design in FRC
October 14th: Sam Dare from Cyborg Cats on FRC Game Strategy and History
October 21st: Walton Robotics on Entrepreneurship

This schedule is also posted to the RoboJackets calendar.

Release Forms
Please have each attendee fill out a Parental Request to Participate as well as a Model Release and submit both documents at the first session attended. The name of this activity is “RoboJackets Technology Enrichment Sessions” and the date is September 23rd – October 21st, 2017.

Mailing Lists
robojackets-tesessions is for teachers, mentors, and team leaders of attending schools.
robojackets-outreach is for RoboJackets Outreach team members.

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Michael Benben – Outreach Project Manager