The Inverse Kinematic Arm The Inverse Kinematic Arm project is an independent research endeavor that isn’t affiliated with a robotics competition. The goal of the project is to explore control algorithms for implementing inverse kinematic control. This form of control is where the position of the end of the manipulator is controlled directly by giving it coordinates in 3 dimensional space to move to. The control algorithm is designed to determine what motions all the joints of the arm need to perform in order to achieve the desired end effector position.

The project will be conducted using a 3 degree of freedom arm that was taken off of an old bomb disposal robot(bombbot) that was donated to the Robojackets by Dr. Wayne Book. Each joint will utilize a potentiometer for measuring joint angles. This data will be relayed back to arduino microcontrollers which will perform closed-loop control on all the actuators.

With the arm able to hold specified joint angles, we will implement inverse kinematics to map joint-space coordinates to Cartesian space. The current goal is to create an intuitive, real-time, remote interface for interacting with the arm for displays and demonstrations while laying a groundwork for further research.