The Outreach team’s largest project is mentoring a FIRST Robotics Competition team through their off season, build season, and competitions. We provide shop space and equipment, engineering support, funding, and general guidance.

FIRST is a international high school competition which features a game that changes every year and robots that weigh about 120lbs. Each year teams are given six weeks to design and build a robot that must compete both autonomously and via remote control in a three-versus-three match. In the past we have mentored Roswell High School “Oscar” (team 832), Wheeler High School “The CircuitRunners” (team 1002), Georgia Robotics Alliance “SOUP” (team 1848), Tech High School (team 2420), REBOOT (team 4080), Westlake High School “Roarbotics” (team 4163), and Toaster Tech (team 5332). We currently mentor Wildcat 5e (team 6705).